Callaghan's Butchers Ardee

P.Callaghan Victualler Delicatessen

(Est. 1906)

Historic Ardee

Our calendar is more than just a succession of weeks and months. It also provides a nostalgic look back into Ardee’s historic past. Snapshots of people and times long gone. We put a lot of research into choosing the images. Our town is rich in character and we take pride in being able to preserve a little of our local heritage.

Here are just some of the photos that we have gathered over the years. They are the fruits of our own research and that of other local contributors to whom we are grateful for their time and effort. If you'd like to know any more about any of these photos, please drop in. We'll tell you as much as we know about them. Better still, if you have information to add about any of these pictures, please share them with us.

Call, write or email us. We’ll be happy to put your contributions up on our web site.